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Walk on Water

Get a splash out of Sydney’s beautiful water features and its history of water engineering.

Sydney’s water features

Walking on water

Soak up the sun on this self-guided walk exploring the city’s most charming and photogenic water features and fountains.

Take in a history lesson or two as you wander through stunning Victorian fountains, historical harbour landmarks, and fun water sculptures for kids to enjoy.


Archaeology of Bathing

Have a seat by the wharf and soak up the sun with a quick trip down to Woolloomoolloo piers and see where the first harbour baths in Sydney stood in 1833.

Robert Brough Memorial

This beautiful ornate Victorian fountain is tucked away in the Sydney Hospital courtyard. It was erected in memory of its colourful namesake, Robert Brough, a Sydney actor from the late 19th century.

Il Porcellino

A little piece of Italy in Sydney, this bronze pig is believed to bring good luck to passers-by should they rub his golden nose.

Sydney Culture Walks

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