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Head into the heart of the city’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and discover the stories that have changed the nation.


Retracing footsteps of Indigenous self-determination

Get local with Koori Radio and take in the significance of Redfern Park to reconciliation.

Redfern is a powerhouse of Indigenous activism, a centre of self-determination with groundbreaking educational, cultural and community organisations built by and for the community.


40,000 Years Mural

A truly local-led project, the Redfern Station Community Group (RSCG), in collaboration with the local community worked for 5 years to make the conservation of one of Redfern’s most iconic and significant murals - a reality. The 2018 conservation meant the mural was meticulously reproduced exactly as it was first created in 1983.

Redfern Park

Take a moment to reflect at the site of former prime minister Paul Keating’s momentous 1992 Redfern Speech. The first time a prime minister acknowledged the dispossession of the First Peoples of Australia.

Gadigal Information Services

Tune in to Sydney’s only Indigenous radio station, Koori Radio, which broadcasts here every day 24/7.

Sydney Culture Walks

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